Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marea's World

One of the cool parts of the Crosswind experiment is that we are meeting some very cool people whose lives and visions and passions are like Crosswinders. Marea Wilson, wife of the reknowned Tommy Wilson, (founder/director of Living Free, a ministry to people struggling with life controlling issues) is one such gal. Fabulous Jesus lover, committed church member and difference maker in our community, Marea has been an example to us all.

A blog or so ago we heard from Audie Osborn as he helped us think through the importance of "having a meeting". We decided that Jesus people love to worship so we will, Jesus people need to be reminded who we are and what we are here for, and we aren't just a social bunch of do-gooders but rather we are a movement of believers who have Good News from above for each other and those we have yet to befriend.

Marea takes us to a new place. Listen as she shares what it means "to be stirred up to love and good works".

PS I said that it took three times for me to "get it" in Audies piece. Marea starts her piece letting me know she's smarter than me. You go girl!

"Well it only took me once and I agree totally. Were it not for The Gathering then I would not be convicted in the way that I am now to just look arond and be aware of needs. There are more than one church, family, or charity could ever help. you stated "one city at a time".

When Alicia and I were at the trailer park last week (we went there to count trailers for baskets) we lost count after 13 because we got so wrapped up in the spirit of helplessness and hopelessness that just lingered there. Some of the homes dont even have electricity. They run an extention cord to the neighbors. I asked Alicia how do we "fix" this? How can we help all of these people.....she must have heard your sermon bc she said one trailer at a time!!!!

If it were not for The Gathering I would not be making some sweet tea to take to a little guy that likes sweet tea and he's going through a rough time. Were it not for The Gathering there would not be a clothes closet at Living Free that in some small way we try to meet a physical need and hopefully we will either earn the right to tell them about Jesus or they will want to know why in the world we are helping someone that we dont know and dont have to.

I had to contain myself when Truman was at the Gathering because of how happy and proud of my sunday school class I was. They never ask questions like "are they going to use this for bills or will they buy drugs with it??" You know the look down the nose judgemental self righteous look?? Never not one time. When Tommy and I mention a need...wallets come out and people stand in line to ask what they can do.

Over the past year I have watched Tommy totally change his way of thinking when it comes to the ministry. He used to be all about the cold knocking "Are you going to heaven or hell?' and walk away kind of ministry. I never was a part of it because i thought once you lead them to Jesus standing in the doorway and turn around and go back to "church" then what? Is there a team that comes in to make sure they are ok and have a way to church or even clothes for church? Sadly, not usually.

And to be honest.... I liked living in my world. I went to church for the social aspects of it... loved it but I was useless to God and His kingdom...and then came the Gathering. It changed my life and it has put my family on the same page. I have no clue how to talk to a drug addict but I can go and fill up a basket and deliver it. I can buy some Christmas gifts. I can make some supper for someone who doesn't have it. We (Tommy and I) are a team now. And my heart has never been so full. I have never been more content and happy and busy and crazy trying to keep my schedule and all of our people's schedules straight and overwhelmed at all the precious people that God has brought into this world who just need a friend and some food in my life.

I am so excited to see what God will allow to happen that i can be a part of. The Gathering changed my life and the life of my family. I am so thankful to be a small part of it. Thanks Bobby Capps and Audie Osborne.... I guess I needed that reminder."

Hmmm, I think she gets it. Bravo Marea. You win "love machine of the week".


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Anonymous said...

I can't put into words what having Crosswind, Bobby Capps, Ronda, Tommy and Marea Wilson, Lanny and all the others, I have been blessed with meeting in the last few months has meant to me. I Thank God everyday for Crosswind, Bobby Cappps and all my new friends at Crosswind. I love you all and apperciate all you do not only for me but everyone in need... Love Ya Don Vinson

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