Thursday, July 15, 2010

Take your trip, but never leave the farm.

This morning on "Good Morning America" a group from South Dakota was introduced. They were in New York on a 'summer missions trip'. Summer is the time for missions trips! Most summers it is customary for churches to load up and go on a trip. Some go to other countries, those are expensive and exotic and fraught with intestinal dangers. They are also life changing for many who realize for the first time the privilege Americans have been raised in and take for granted. Some go to other cities and help church planters or ministries that help the urban poor. One such favorite is a trip to Arlington Texas to help Mission Arlington.

Mission Arlington is a apt complex ministry which plants small apartment churches in low income complexes between Dallas and Fort Worth Texas. The tag line is "bringing church to the people". At their headquarter they have a full service care facility which has soup kitchen, thrift store, counseling, and many other things, even a free medical clinic. They serve about 250 apartments. And during the summer, Missions teams from all over the country come and help. They do Bible clubs in the apartments, help all over in many ways.

Crosswind has made an effort to model their ministry, to bring the church (God's people) and hope and help to the people who live in the subsidized apartments in our city. I believe with all my heart that Corinth is as vital a missions field as any city in America. We have as much need surely as Arlington Texas. Here's my request, next year when your planning your summer missions trip, take that trip but never leave the farm. Plan your trip here. Serve our city, the people that need you. Have fun with it, camp out stay in a church's gym, whatever it takes. But make Corinth your mission field.

Sandy Williams has done just that. Every year Sandy finds seniors whose homes are in disrepair, or the poor who can afford to fix up, or the handicap who can't care for their properties and he designs a mission trip. It's right here in Corinth. It's a week long. It's hard work. You get to meet new Christian friends. And citizens of Corinth get to see the gospel in action. How cool is that. Sandy, well done! Crosswind has partnered with Sandy and each year we get to take a missions trip. It's right here in our own city, led by one of our cities finest and they serve alongside other Corinthians to bring the gospel to the marginalized in our city.

If you've never done a missions trip in Corinth call Sandy or Crosswind ministry. We'll help ya design one. By the way, I've taken mission trips in Uganda, India, Turkey, Mexico and several cities in America.

I love mission trips to Corinth. You will too.


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