Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You God

Thank you God.

Thank you God that my life is not perfect.

Thank you for tears, and struggles and times of dryness and frustration.

Thank you for not making everything easy and for not always giving me what I request.

Thank you for not always making known the “whys” of my life.

For God, it is during these times that I find my way to you over and over again. 

It is during these times that I am reminded of my deep need for you alone.

It is through tears of pain and suffering, fears of failure and loss, and days full of doubt and questions that I am closest to you, that I seek you the most, that I renew my trust in you and that my faith is truly strengthened. 

Without these difficult times, I would think I didn’t need you. 

Without these trials, I would not grow.

With a perfect life, I wouldn’t need a perfect God.

Thank you testing my faith and drawing me to yourself.

Thank you for being God in my life.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

-Leah McQueen (Guest Blogger)

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