Monday, July 2, 2012

Ambiguous Jesus? (Part 3 of 3)

So which is more important? Talking about Jesus or Loving Your Neighbor?

What we have faith in will determine which is more important. I can hear you saying “that is easy, my faith is in Jesus.” Which begs the question; “Jesus who?” Ambiguous Jesus?

If you have faith that Jesus is the Christ, that he alone saves, then I believe that you will be driven to talk about Jesus, to  share your faith with those that do not know him. Let’s be honest, if that is what you believe to be true, to not say anything would just be mean.

On the other hand if you have faith that Jesus is Lord, that he rules and reigns and is making all things new, than you will be driven to love your neighbor, fight for human dignity, feed the hungry, and house the poor. The problem is that many people have put their faith in an Ambiguous Jesus (who is neither Christ or Lord).

If the most succinct way to say the Gospel is “Jesus Christ is Lord”, then to follow Jesus may look a lot like a community of people who both: talk about Jesus in a way that says he is the Christ…and love their neighbors in a way that says he is the Lord.

Nate Navarro (guest blogger)
Pastor of Missional Community at Austin City Life
Founder/Director at Music For The City

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