Thursday, April 2, 2009

All things Jackie

Jackie is my wife of twenty six years.

Some people you just can't oversell, you can't exaggerate their greatness, their personality, their love. That's Jackie.

If I had a sentence to describe my wife, without any question and without much thought it would be this, "Love believes all things." Let me repharase it for her, "Jackie gives everyone, even Jeffrey Dohmer, the benefit of the doubt." She believes the best about all.

As a mom, she always believes the best about her kids. "Hey hon, Jeff is out with these boys and they are going to the riverbed with some girls and I heard they had beer." "Now Honey, You know Jeffrey would never..., and besides those kids need love too. They're all good kids." ...Whatever!

As a pastor's wife, she's seen and heard and experienced some of the cruelest things, and been so wounded as a mom of five, raising kids by grace in a glass house, but she always had this disbelief that the intentions were bad... "It must have been a misunderstanding, if they only knew they would never..."

And don't get me started on my favorite group to pick on... anyone Hollywood. "Oh look Honey, you said all Hollywood marriages fall apart, look at so and so they've been married for twenty some years." If there is any virtue and if there is any praise and I mean any... my wife chooses to thinks on these things.

As for me... she believes in me. She believed in me when I would go to church with a hangover. Never judged, never said a word. She just knew that in there somewhere was a good husband and dad. The Bible says that your husband can be won over to God without words when they see your Godly life. I've told many a woman that in counseling as they have come to fix their husbands. Rarely will they recieve that by faith. My wife did. I am who I am and where I am in large part because I had a wife who believed that her God could make her a husband and father for her kids.

It's a tough life for a gal like Jack. People may be talking behind her back. She doesn't think they are. They may give her the cold shoulder, she thinks they are havin' a bad day. And even if people treat her mean right to her face, she just chooses to believe it wasn't about her... even though it hurts.

I want to be a cynic. I've seen enough crap to know that people are mean and Hollywood is messed up and the church is filled with hypocrites and Pharisees. Don't waste your breath... she just won't believe it. And she will always say, "I wonder if Jesus thinks that about them." Ugggh, hate it when she says that!

In our ministry to the hurting, to those who have fallen and haven't gotten up yet, to those who've been told they were a failure from the time they were little... we need the spirit of Jackie. Someone who believes in you. Someone who just stands beside you and shares your life, deeply believing that your okay, you're just going through a phase, the best is coming, you don't even know how great you are yet.

For twenty six years today (Happy Anniversay Sweetie) I have had that kind of love poured over me. It has kept me when I was afraid of tomorrow, when I was in my deepest pain, when I felt like I was in way over my head... again. No matter what she is always there, believing in me.

For that, my best friend, the love of my life, and for so much more... I love you.

PS Hollywood is messed up... ask anybody.


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Anonymous said...

You're Awesome!!!
P. S. Thanks for being my BEST FRIEND.

Anonymous said...

I think the rose color glasses are alot on the thick side! But its the thought that counts if I could truly be like that it would be awesome.

Lee Rodgers said...

Awesome post Bobby.

Congrats to you both!

Anonymous said...

daddy this is julianne(your daughter) hehe i liked it a lot. it was a good way to express mama..and it is nothing but the truth...i know as i child of hers i take her personality for granted and i'm not afraid to admit i abuse guys are both wonderful parents...but what makes you so great is that you work together i love bragging to my friends that my parents have been married 26 guys are my example and probably why i have such a great outlook on life yet i still realize the reality of it both made me the perrfect mixture of an optimistic cynic. i get remarks made saying i brighten people day with my positive attitude and advice(i know i need to show more of that at home..sorry about that..but i am a teenage girl) and i give full credit to my wonderful parents...i love you both more than you can possible fathom....your belvoed daaughter juan...:D

Stacey Cornelius said...

Happy Anniversary you two. Maybe Teddy and I can be married that long. Of course by than I will have to push him around in a wheelchair probably and brush his dentures. But, anyway happy anniversary again and you two are great folks.

Anonymous said...

This my brother comes deep from my old wore out heart. I want to wish You and Jackie, a Happy 26th Anniversary to you both! The Great Billy Graham said once, there are people destined to be married in life and you two are. The Good Lord knew what He was doing when He put you together. Jackie has to be a very special lady as a matter of fact your entire family has to be special. Because they are willing to sacrifice their family time with you, in order for you to do for others. Bobby, you do so much good for people, sometimes I don't think you realize how many people you touch in a day. I for one do apperciate that sacrifice. Once again Happy 26th Anniversary you two. Your Friend, Don Vinson

P.S. I still have'nt got this Blog thing down yet.

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