Thursday, April 2, 2009

Imagine This Project...

The plan:
Go rescue abandoned children from the streets, adopt them, feed them, raise them, educate them, send them to College, then send them to a community with no schools or churches and tell them to gather street children and start the process all over again. You believe that by doing this you can save your country's soul. Sound impossible?

50 years later:
You have raised up 20,000 pastors, have seen 500,000+ people find Jesus, you have 80 schools and colleges and have been recognized by your country's president with the highest honors. Pretty amazing don’t you think?

Well, Sam Thomas (President of HopeGivers International) has seen this become a reality in India. He will be in Corinth on Sunday, April 5th @ 6pm to share his experiences with Crosswind. Please don't miss this opportunity to hear the trials and triumphs of this monumental ministry.

The life and example of Jesus Christ call us to be participants in this world, not merely spectators. In this world of hunger, pain, and sickness, many people prefer a balcony view of life. It's easy to forget the needs of the destitute when our own basic needs are met without a struggle. Let's get off the sidelines and into the game!

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