Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do You Hear Her? Guest blogger, Anna Lancaster

When I heard that there was an effort to create a home to help single mothers who need help, get on their feet, I became so excited. At the Resource Center for Women, young people come in every day, that are stuck in the cycle. We help them with some of their immediate needs, counsel them, and love them, but we don't get to give them a home, help them get a job, or give them transportation to that job. We do our best to direct that young person to the places that can help them best, but sometimes it isn't enough.

A home where they can get a fresh start would be a God-send to these women. I have known times of need and have made mistakes. Thankfully, I always had a loving family and friends who were able to help me. These women don't have that. If someone cares about them, they are often in the same boat. Some are just victims of circumstance. How do you fight poverty with no weapon? No money, no education, no job. If you can get a job, how do you get there? Would you make any money after you paid for day care? Probably not.

Crosswind Ministries found a building that they would like start this home. Because of zoning issues they had to go before the Mayor and the Aldermen. The people of the surrounding neighborhood came and protested the use of the home for that purpose. The 3 aldermen and the mayor voted no to the rezoning. You can read more about this on the Daily Journal web site.

But, like the others involved, I know that this does not mean that this is the end of that dream. God still wants us to love others and help them. He will help those who want to do those things. So this is what I want to ask of you: How can you help?

Do you have time, resources, or love to give to these women? I know that sometimes we care but don't know how to begin. Now it is easy. You can join these other individuals who care and have a plan.

You know, the reason that the Indian doctors and officials didn't want to help the orphans was that they were of the lowest caste and because of their religious beliefs they thought they should stay there. That they didn't deserve help because, they believe that God had put them there. When I told people here in the United States that, they were shocked. They couldn't believe anyone would act that way. But, if we don't help these women, their children, and all of the others who are on hard times and want to get out of it, are we not just like those Indian doctors and officials? Are we saying that because of the choices they made, that they deserve to be right where they are? Are we going to leave them in the gutter because we might lose something by giving to them?

Matthew 9:13 says, "But go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy and not sacrifice.' For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

Let us show mercy as we have been shown mercy. Let us LOVE mercy. I am glad that I am not where I DESERVE to be. I heard this song this morning. I have heard it hundreds of times but it hit home today. Please listen to it and see if it speaks to you. It is Casting Crowns-"Does Anybody Hear Her?"

Let me know if you want to help.
With love and in great need of mercy,


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