Thursday, September 3, 2009

Caravan of love

Last night around 7:30pm as I (Don) was sitting at my computer desk, looking out the window. I see this caravan of vehicles drive into Hickory Terrace loaded with LOVE!!!!

This wonderful group of people, who I'm sure had worked all day at there jobs then came out to Hickory Terrace with furniture, food, non-food items and lots of Love for a Mother and her 3 children. I was so moved by these people that I walked down to where they were out. That about killed me and I'm paying for it this morning but I just felt that I had to go down and let this wonderful group of people know how much they were appreciated.

I think the Security Officer said it all last night.

He said that He never seen any Church or organization move so quickly to help someone before like Crosswind. He was amazed at how much Crosswind did in such a little bit of time. He was truly moved at the LOVE that was being shown this family. He said that whole families were here helping this family in need. (Lanny Monroe and Family) He was still talking about it this morning.

After everyone had left Ms. Pettis and I stood outside of her building.

Ms Pettis said to me that she had just about given up all hope but after today and all the Blessings that she and her family had recieved today "everything was gong to be alright"..

Bobby, Ronda and Judy thank yall so much for putting all this together in such a short time. Plus I didn't know everyone last night that was here from Crosswind but please on behalf of myself, the Pettis Family and all the residents of Hickory Terrace, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! There were several residents last night that saw first hand the Love and Caring of Crosswind last night. The LORD surly blessed us yesterday, not only did he provide the needs but showered us wth LOVE.. I don' know who said this but I read it in a church bulletin "



(Ms. Pettis made an emergency move to Corinth from Detroit after being laid off from work, and her children's high school consolidated with 4 others and to use her words had become a "war zone". Her children's safety was worth the risk and her main concern. Some plans she made here fell through and she found herself alone and desperate. Thanks to TVHRA, who expedited her application, she was able to get an apartment but had nothing to put in it. She is still "getting her wheels under her" but her kids are safe. She still needs her deposit money to turn her lights on. Her brother may send a check from Detroit.) ... hint :-)

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Anna Janzen-Lancaster said...

just beautiful.

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