Monday, September 21, 2009

New scorecard, Old gameplan

The following five minute piece is a conversation we had at Hope Church in Tupelo, Mississippi about community ministry. There is a shift from missions projects and outreaches to long-term relationships, weekly commitments that are just as important to the person of faith as the weekly meeting for worship or the weekly small group meeting of teaching.

This vital shift has taken place as churches and ministries like Crosswind and others have begun to see their own community as just as valid and vital of a mission field as anywhere in the whole world. The shift is taking place all over the church as Christians everywhere realize that there are significant unreached pockets right here in our own community. Also, the community problems (drug use, single parents, unmarried sex, disease, poverty, dropout rate, etc) are rising in nearly every community.

And the obvious question is: Why isn't the church making an impact in our culture?

We believe that Christians have gone to the neighborhood to make converts, but not disciples... it takes a different strategy, a different game plan and a different scorecard.


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Donald Vinson said...

Well it's Donald Vinson rambling again..First off. I want to say Hi to all my famly at Crosswind. This morning I was reading Bobby's Blog from yesterday again and the Lord put this thought in my heart. How awesome would it be if there was a way to get every church in Corinth to come together( like at the arena) a revival kind of thing that would be 2 or 3 days so that everyone would have the chance to go. So that they could hear 3 men speak. The 3 men are: Bobby Capps, Tommy Wilson and Gary Caveness. I've heard these 3 men speak sepertely and let me tell you it's a moving experience and I can't imagine what it would be like to have the 3 speak in one night. If hearing these 3 men didn't move everyone in every church then friends there's something missing in your life.Because hearing these 3 men has changed my life and has after 30 years made me realize what plan the Lord had for me and now I don't feel I can do enough for the people here in my community. Well I'll quit rambling. I just had to pass this thought along that the Lord planted with me..Hmm UBN- TV Booneville oh well I'm just rambling..Love Ya'll.

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