Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Once you start looking... they're everywhere

I'm sure this has happened to you, you hardly were aware that something existed, then it's everywhere.

I remember the first time I actually had a personal relationship with a boy who had autism and his family. Typical story, perfectly fine until just after two year vaccines, then he's autistic. Wow, I thought, surely not. But just because I had that encounter my antennae went up and sure enough, this story is repeated year after year by thousands of parents. Wow!

It's like that with missionary life. Crosswind is overtly trying to start a missionary movement in Corinth. We are trying to walk the walk (be missionaries ourselves) and alos provide practical strategies (gameplans) for other believers who have taken up the missionary call on their lives ("even as my Father sent me, so send I you" - Jesus). And sure enough -they're everywhere!

There's Becky and her team who are missionaries to Alzheimer patients; Tommy and Tuesdae and their teams, missionaries to recovering addicts; Gary and his team, missionaries to inner city kids; the team at Bishop's House, missionaries to the elderly; Ernestine and Vicky and Linda and their teams, missionaries to the poor. There are foster care missionaries, missioaries to girls with crisis pregnancies, food missionaries and clothes missionaries. Well... there are missionaries all around.

One of my favorite stories is a small team who are missionaries to families struggling with life's issues. This team of five have led over 100 people to faith in Christ... every year for the past fourteen years! Unbelievable! How many churches do you know that can say that?

There is something about being focused, intentionally shifting your energies to missionary life, getting out there and making a difference that changes everything. I am thankful that God is calling so many to missionary life.

Look around, they're everywhere. Then join 'em.


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