Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There's a lot to be said for 'Going 4th'

Several months ago a small band of missional believers in Iuka, Mississippi got a burden for the "left outs" of their city. They felt God call them to be a friend to folks without one, to bring a smile to a lonely person's face, to well, live out the person of Jesus who lived in them...

And boy have they. They have had regular outreaches into the subsidized apt complexes, have met and made many new friends, have assisted as they could, loved often and deeply from their hearts. And once again we're hearing the story. A story of fulfillment , of really living out their Christian experience, of almost "feeling like Jesus out there."

You know how it happened? They just went for it... or to use their name, they went 4th. They named their ministry after Jesus' call to us to Go 4th. Simple isn't it? Everything changes when you do. Nothing when you don't. Thank you Go4th for going 4 it!

You inspire us and 'stir us up to love and good works'.

CLICK HERE and then on "Personal Stories/Go4th"


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