Sunday, October 4, 2009

America, Rights and Lights

There's a lot of talk right now about healthcare. Should all Americans have it? Is it a right? Well here's some thoughts for ya'...

1. Of course we all want healthcare, duh?
2. And many many don't have it... especially the poor who Crosswind is focused on.
3. And many others have it at great personal expense... unless you have a full time job with a larger company, most have to purchase it on their own, and IT'S EXPENSIVE!

So... many can't afford it (Crosswind's friends) and those who can are choking on it's cost (including employers who buy it for their employees). But here's the underlying question for me: IS IT A RIGHT? Because if it is, then morally, we as a society, MUST provide it, and if it's not then...

In America we said education is a right, so the nation as a whole pays for it. We believe that in order for ALL to have access to the "American Dream" they need an education. So WE THE PEOPLE pay for it. Now, we are asking if healthcare is the same? And ultimately if we determine it is, WE THE PEOPLE will pay for it. Everything I asked you was bait to get you to think about THIS:

Is having your lights on a right?

In Crosswinds' world and in the world of our city's charities and benevolence ministries (e.g. Corinth Welfare, His Compassionate Touch, Catholic Social Services, Living Free, Lighthouse, numerous churches, etc.) most of our direct financial help goes to keeping people's lights on. And yes, we all know about financial management etc. Here's the question:

WE THE PEOPLE give poor people a roof over their head at little to no cost (subsidized housing), we give food at little or no cost (food stamps) and we educate at no cost (government schools) and now we are asking the people to give healthcare to all.... ready?

Can't we turn their lights on first?


PS I am gonna answer all responses on this question cause I am presupposing their may be a misunderstanding or two :-)

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Don Vinson said...

I live in subsidized housing and there are 3 things that will get your lease terminated faster than anything 1)not paying your rent( yes we do pay rent,it's subsidized housing not free). 2) Not doing your community service requirments. 3) NOT HAVING UTILITES. When you get housed with TVRHA you are required to have your utilities turned on within 10 days. Once you become a resident if your utilites are turned off for non payment you have 10 days to get them back on or your lease is terminated. But my point is really this I have struggled for the last 6 years with the issue of paying my electric bill or getting medicine and seeing a Doctor. Let tell you I have put myself into serious trouble health wise due to paying my electric and gas bill rather than seeing a Doctor or getting my medicines.But I knew if I didn't pay my utilites they would be turned off and I could not afford to have them turned back on. I didn't even stop to think without my medicines I could die so it would't matter if I had electricity or not ! It's hard enough to find someone to help you pay a monthly utility bill, its almost impossible to find someone to help pay the outrageous deposit and turn on fees, they charge. So after getting out of the Hospital last November,I started working with Crosswind to find ways to help people in need in the community especilly with medical assistance. I have found it's a whole lot easier to get someone help to see a Doctor or get medicines then help get their utilities turned on or help pay a monthly bill. Another issue I forgot to bring up is what if your a single mom with children or a young family and your utilities have been turnd off and here comes DHS and they tell you that you have 3 days get your utilities turned back on or they will come take your children. I know people here in my community that have to make that choice each month to pay their utilites or get their required medicines. So I feel that is the reason the Lord put me thru so much the last 6 years it was his plan for me to take my experience to help others, it just took Bobby Capps and Tommy Wilson to get me back on the right path. I don't have the answers, I talk with people here in my community everyday struggling with the issue of paying their rent, paying their utility bills, getting their medicines or buying groceries,diapers, etc. I tell them we just have to keep praying and keep faith in the Lord. Once again I've rambled on. I can't help it health care and utilities that's 2 of the biggest needs we have here in my neighborhood. The biggest need we have here in my neighborhood is getting my neighbors to turn their lives over to the Lord.. With the help of all my wonderful family at Crosswind we're getting there. All you have to do is ask Bobby, Ronda and Judy it's been slow going at Hickory Terrace but the people are starting to come around. I feel that great blessings are coming to Hickory Terrace. I will say this on a personal note I 've grown this past week in my own relationship with the Lord. Every week I hear Bobby and Tommy say that we will come laugh with you and we will come cry with you. Well I experience the crying part this week a very dear friend came to me Wednesday and his heart was broken due to some really bad family issues. We sat in my living room we laughed, cried and prayed together for almost 2 hours. Well I'll close for now. GOD BLESS

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