Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Somebody has to pay... thank you!

Some of 'ma boys' were going to a high school to promote an upcoming concert and posted this on Facebook... "Headed to Alcorn Central Middle School's FCA to promote Nov 15 concert at Crossroads Arena. Tony Nolan, NewSong, BlueTree, oh yeah... its free!"

Well.... not really, somebody has to pay.

Businesses and churches and visionary people all over this town who want to see young people make ongoing commitments to Christ and grow strong and stand firm in their faith... they're paying. They know that little by little, from faith to faith, from glory to glory, that students and young adults are making decisions that will impact their lives and they want to offer to them opportunities to nail down their commitments, make new ones and for some, to come to know Jesus personally.

Thank you, those of you who are paying... our students lives will be changed.

It's the same for us, the things we take for granted, the free things, the best things, even our salvation, we act like it's free. It's not, somebody paid... Jesus did. The old gospel song says, "Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe..." and He did and I do. Thank you Jesus!

At Crosswind each month hundreds of people receive care from volunteers and thousands of dollars are paid to help people. To them it's free, but not to you... you pay. You pay with your time with your billfolds and with your hearts. Just wanted to let you know that we know and we are thankful.

Thank you donors and volunteers, lives are being changed.


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Don Vinson said...

I've lived at both ends of the spectrum. Back years ago when I was living the care free live making $50,000.00 a year. I never thought about how the ministries were paying for what they did in the community. Then 6 years ago when I hit the bottom of the bottom, I was homeless, sick and lost all hope. I spent 3 nights in a shelter in Memphis. Put on a bus and sent to Corinth. Once here I recieved help from several ministers, organzations and individuals. I was house by TVRHA got help with that. What is sad is I never thought about where this money was coming from that was in 2003 in 2004 I was still just making it. I as getting food stamps and churchs and individuals were helping wih my bills never gave a thought where the mney was coming from.. I went to the Hospital 3 times in 2004. In 2005 I got a part time job making $350.00 a month. But still had to make choices about paying rent and utilities over buying medicines and seeing Doctors. Between 2005 to 2008 I went to the Hospital 11 times avg stay was 6 days. But there again, I never thought about where the money was coming from for any of it.. But I will say this I hear people talk how bad Magnolia Hospital is. But let me tell you I've never been tuned down for treatment and have recieved nothing but exceptional care from everyone there. Our very own Dr. Matt Johnson has performed lifesaving surgery on me, Dr. Tim Noyes, Dr. Kerry Morgan, Dr. Pratt and several others have seen thru each trip to the hospital. Sadly I never thought about who was paying for it. But I know if it was not for them I would of died.. What really changed me and made me realize was during my last visit to the Hospital in November 11-23, 2008 this is when I #1 rededicated my life to the Lord Jesus and #2 two men became no only my friends but my new family and that's Bobby Capps and Tommy Wilson. Once I got to know them and their ministries(which I consider everyone in their mnistries as my family now) and how they affect so many lives it woke me up and saw thru them the day to day struggle to find the financing to help the so many they do on a daily basis. Then it woke me up to all the ministries here in town who are doing so much like Gary Caveness at Lighthouse, John Wilbanks at Love in Truth, Dr Ken Digby and many others. I knew while I was still in the Hospital on Nov. 18th 2008 that I needed to get out and get involved I couldn't help very much financially but the Lord put in me to take me experiences the past 6 years and help the people in my community.I get a little over zealous sometimes and worry that I'm not doing enough. I know that there are times that I bug Bobby, Ronda, Judy and Tommy but I can't help it. I just feel that the Lord has put this in me to help where and when I can. I still can't help much finacially. But if you every just need someone to talk to, or as Tommy Wilson says "if you just need someone to cry with or laugh with but most important to pray with". I'm there for you anytime day or night. There's a song by Jason Crabb and I guess it says it best. The chorus goes: He never promised that the cross would not get heavy and the hill would not be hard to climb. He never offered our victories without fighting. But he said help would always come in time. Just remember when you are standing in the valley of decision and the adversary says give in. Just hold on, our Lord will show up and he will take you through the fire again.
Love yall and God Bless each and everyone.

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