Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Tis the season...

I love Christmas. I love Thanksgiving. And even New Year's Day. I just love this particular time of year.. And for a charity director I especially love it... because it is a unique time of year for generosity and love.

This blog is called InsideOutreach. It is called so because we are trying to give you the reader a behind the scenes look at charity life. We want to share our experiences, to let you in on our experiment. And especially for us, it becomes a diary almost of what we were learning along the way as we tried to start a charity and use it to start a missionary movement in our city.

So this season is unique i that everyone is charity minded during this season. There are angel tree's and Christmas basket giveaways and our famous Toy Store and special holiday meals and on and on. It is a wonderful season. So what does a charity do during this season of cheer? And particularly what is Crosswind doing and why?

Crosswind is using this season to be a lively partner of the many events already scheduled. Here's what we mean by lively partner:

1. Our donors and volunteers are donating and volunteering at the many great charity events in town and 2. We are helping the people in need get connected to your events.

That's all... We thought about having our own thing but why? There's so much good stuff going on in our community already. There are many of us that can make a bigger impact by teaming up with others instead of doing stuff by ourselves.

Come January, we'll have our plate full again, but for now, we're coming to your place.

...And we're bringing friends.


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