Monday, December 21, 2009

Lighthouse Brings Joy To The City

There's a famous old gospel song that talks about a lighthouse... the chorus says, "And I thank God for the Lighthouse..." and so do we.

Fifteen years ago God told a young basketball star and his preacher buddy to go where the broken were and bring the light of the gospel. And like Abraham and many other men of faith before them, they did just that.

Every year at Christmas, the Lighthouse invites the believers of the city (the Church) to partner with them to bring a blessing to people in need. This year was no exception. The Church gets to join together for a day of hope and inspiration offerring the gospel and a listening ear to the hurting in our community. This year the Lighthouse gave away 6000 toys to over 1500 kids from over 500 families. And every family heard the gospel, was provided one-on-one counsel and prayer, was treated like royalty and 'loved on' bigtime. Wow!

God told us when we gathered together to "stir one another up to love and good works." Well the Lighthouse Toy Store does just that. It's impossible to go and not be stirred. We are stirred with compassion. We are stirred by the gospel. We are stirred by the brokenness some of us weren't aware of in our city. We are stirred by the love of Christ. We are stirred by Christian unity and fellowship. The whole day is just a MIGHTY stirring!

We did a video to celebrate the Lighthouse with you. We hope you enjoy it. You'll see what the real magic is behind it for the old gospel song goes on to say... "for Jesus is the Lighthouse and from this world of sin He has shone a light around us that all who will may see, if it wasn't for the Lighthouse, tell me, where would this ship be."

With overwhelming hearts of gratitude and love for Gary, Herbie, Markeena, Nan and the rest of the Lighthouse staff and volunteers... our city loves you and wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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