Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas... Crosswind Style

Tonight I experienced Christmas in a way I never have before.

Tonight a group of friends gathered together to share Christmas Carols with the wonderful people of Farmington Arms. As we gathered I looked around and saw the most beautiful sight. Black & White, Young & Old, Rich & Poor, Residents of FA and people from all over Alcorn County gathering for the same purpose to share Christmas with others through song. I walked along with the carolers carrying Spiced Cider and my friend and her daughter carried plates of cookies to give out to those who dared to open their door to this rather large group of people carrying candles and wearing Santa hats. To us we many have seemed out of tune and unorganized, but to those who heard us to those who listened I believe they heard and saw something completely different. Many ventured out of their warm homes and stood and listened to the songs of Christmas...Joy to the World, Silent Night, Jingle Bells, etc.

...and then it happened; a door was opened not only to hear the songs, but a door was opened for us to share the hope of Christmas with a new resident. A single Dad raising 3 young children. As he opened his door we showered him and his children with cookies and cider. I dont think he really knew what to do with us, not sure he had ever experienced such a welcome party, but he chated with my husband and a few of the youth for a while. We wished him and his children a Merry Christmas, invited them over to the Crosswind Apt for more fun and fellowship and left him and his family on the balcony. I looked back as we left and he was standing outside watching us as we walked away. As we gathered up in the Crosswind Apt we began to fellowship together and helped the children begin the decorating of mini-gingerbread houses. For most this was the first gingerbread house they had ever seen, much less decorated. It was so much fun and we had a house full!
Then from around the corner I saw him! He had come and brought his 3 children with him. "Can we build a gingerbread house too?" they asked. As we squeezed them into the already crowded room they began to build their houses and we began to build relationship with dad. We found out he had just moved here from Michagan and had been able to get work...which for many is a miracle in and of itself. He was doing well but was having a hard time. Robert Gates the one we call our "Pastor of Farmington" began to share with him all about the neighborhood and how the kids could come to Bible Study and how there was a Bible Study for him as well. Robert shared with him how the people in this room wanted to come along beside him and help him work through this difficult time in his life. As Robert shared with him he began to open up and Robert was able to find out that he wasnt going to be able to have much of a Christmas for the kids because he had not been at work for long. "Well, Robert said, we will fix that tomorrow". Come to my home when you get off work and we will provide a way for you to be able to give your kids Christmas presents. "Really" was all he could say.
So tomorrow we will begin our new friendship and relationship with a single dad and through a single act of kindness begin to share with him the greatest gift of all "Christ"! And we thought all we were going to be doing tonight was share Christmas Carols and build gingerbread houses...when God's plan all along was for us to share the hope of Christmas and build a relationship with a single dad and his children that will lead to friendship with each other and Him.

Now to me that is Christmas!
-Ronda Windham

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