Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to get into your husband's head

If you wanted to get in my head (or your husband's), here's how Jackie gets in mine...

If she wants to know what’s going on in my mind she asks me a simple question while I'm going on and on, “Say more?”

I normally start by blurping out something that’s on the fringes of ‘what is really going on’, but I’ll usually 'give it up' when she says “say more”.

BUT when she asks... (and this is important):

- she doesn’t correct me if she doesn’t agree with me
- she doesn't offer condolences when I’m whining,
- or fixes if I’m broken,

she just hears me out and convinces me that she has heard me
and that she really understands me
(not agrees with me, I don’t need that)

and somehow she seems to find out what I’m really thinkin’

and if I’m lucky... I may find out what I was really thinkin’ too.


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