Monday, July 20, 2009

Lovin the least...

It happened. On of our team was driving and the proverbial "starving children of India" tapped on his window and held out his hand. Just froze, red light, what to do, light changes, drive off... man he really wa starving, I could see it!

We're here... in Kota Rajastan India... and they are here and they really need help.

One of the people who picked us up from the airport yesterday was Ashish. His mother had just died, he was four, no father. He stood where she was buried wondering what to do, no answers so he just stood. Some time later, he can't recall, a pastor pulled up. "Son, where is your mother?" "She died." "Where will you go?" "I do not know." "Come with me then."

The man who pick the little orphan up was an orphan himself. He knew how the little boy felt. He too had been rescued from the streets. Had been loved, cared for, educated, and was now a pastor himself. He would raise him in the orphanage.

We're serving these street children of India, medical professionals from Corinth. Ten churches, 21 people, one purpose. Bring medical relief to the street children of Emmanuel Orphanages.

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Leah McQueen said...

So thankful y'all finally made it to your destination!!! Lots of people praying! Can't wait to hear how God makes a way for more kids to be cared for than humanly possible in 4 days!!!! Love to you all!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Anonymous above, it seems that Bobby Capps has forgotten his own mission statement at Crosswind Ministry which is "serve our cmmunity in Corinth, Ms."..It's hard to support someone or a organization that turns it's back on the people in there own comunity and goes to India for a week and no sooner than they leave things go right back to the way things were before they arrived. People here need to make their views heard on this issue contact the newspaper, let you Pastor know, Better yet let Bobby Capps, Crosswind Ministries, and the people who went on this trip know how you feel about it..No one will probally say or do anything.. We've accepted that it's all in the show, ot the deed..Helping people in Alcorn County, Ms..doesn't get you the big bragging rights with your friends and in your church does it??

Leah McQueen said...

Wow! I must say that the two anonymous posts above have shaken me to the core! Literally, I feel I have been punched in my gut - shocked by the words that have been flung out in judgement. I am saddened by these responses. These 21 people are not Crosswinders as you might have read above in Bobby's post. These are 21 medical professionals, from 10(TEN) Corinth churches, giving up a week of their time and money to go help a ministry in India who is ALREADY making a difference in THOUSANDS of street children who have been rescued and are in their care until they are fully educated and prepared to live independently and productively. They are ALREADY being raised in the Word of God. They are ALREADY being educated and trained to help other children that are in the same situation that they were before being rescued by Hopegivers. They were in need of medical care of which had not been given in 3 yrs because the Hindu drs don't associate with orphans if at all possible because of religious reasons. This mission trip is a CORINTH COMMUNITY MEDICAL MISSION - not a Crosswind mission. I pray that you will do a little more research on the subject before throwing such hurtful words towards a group who are serving in the name of YOUR Jesus. They will most likely be posting, therefore reading posts while in India. SPIRITUAL WARFARE at it's best!!! Time to hunker down for battle. Always good to have a heads up and thanks to these posts we have been made aware that the enemy is at work.

Corinth team.....know that we are not battling against flesh and blood! Love those kids and touch their bodies in JESUS NAME - they will NEVER be the same thanks to the sacrifice you are making this week. Contacting all prayer warriors now! We've got your back - Go get 'em!!!!!
Love you all!

Bobby Roach said...

Well I have a fear here of saying anything at all, for fear of saying something with a quick tongue. Lord knows I already do that enough in my life. So all I want to say is this...........all you saints who are there in India this week, following God's direction this week, giving up time at home here with your families this week, time at your job this week, etc.....THANK YOU for being an available, willing vessel this week to be used by the God of this universe, to serve His people who are in need. Please do not let the above anonymous comments deter you from your mission. But instead rejoice in the truth that you are doing God's work, and it's obvious b/c Satan is trying to discourage you.

Jill Lindsey said...

To the team in India.....Stand firm, stand strong, with your full armor of God upon you as you serve this week. God's mighty hand is upon you so fling the fiery darts to the side and continue to go forth. God bless and keep each and every one of you.

Tony Childs said...

Well, to say my heart is saddened by the "anonymous" negative responses above would be an understatement! I missed the chapter in the bible that says, "only serve your community - even if God calls you to a foreign place to serve Him!" IF someone can point that one out to me, please do so. I played a very small role in helping plan this outreach trip to India. What a blessing it was for me personally. The way the community in Corinth and drug companies (not from Corinth) and supply companies (not from Corinth) responded with donations and supplies is further affirmation that God had His hand in and on this medical mission trip. Each person on this trip, both medical and non-medical, were called by God to go to India and treat these 500 children who have been rescued from the streets and slums of India. (If you have been called by God to do something I hope you don't go against His calling just because it "might" be located outside Alcorn County.) There is a great big world out there and we are called to serve "His" people....not only Corinthians! The 21 people who answered the call are my heros and have my respect. This is not a vacation. Who would choose to go to a third world country where electricity is sometimes available for only 1/2 a day? Who would chose to work in 130 degree weather? In some cases who could or would be able to close their business for a week without pay and travel 1/2 way around the world to work in such primitive conditions?
Who would be willing to endanger their on health for disease? SOMEONE WHO IS CALLED BY JESUS to reach out to His children regardless of their location. I'm calling on anyone who reads this to please continue to pray against this spiritual warfare. That is our enemy; not the "anonymous" bloggers above. They have a right to their opinions and I respect that. However, I fear they have made judgments without all the facts. Very sad. We don't answer God's calling for "the show". Crosswind has done many things without any credit. We DON'T need the credit. We will NOT take the credit. We reach up and out when God makes it possible. We are not the know all, end all, be all and have NEVER bragged about anything to my knowledge. We give ALL the credit to God. He started this ministry and He will continue to bless it in whatever way He sees fit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Many churches from our community have embarked on mission trips this summer but I don't remember anyone scolding them. To scold someone for doing God's work is like scolding God.
As to the medical team in Kota, we support you wholeheartedly. Thank you for answering a calling on YOUR life! We are right there with you. We love you, support you and pray for you. God bless each and everyone of you and the families and friends that you left behind as well as those precious children you are loving and treating this week. I know that you are changing each child's life that you come into contact with. Thank you, thank you!
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I do believe that the children there do need help but they also need long term help to keep up what has now been started, what is the long term out look for this? Was there any plan or idea for the long haul? I also was wondering what plans are being made for our local children and thier familys? I think the services here in Alcorn Co. should have been considered first being that long term goals would be much easier to see through.

Anonymous said...

I am glad crosswind doesn't go by the normal standards of what people they help. I don't fit the normal person in need but because of the time they spent getting to know me they knew I was stuck in a rut and hurting. If they went by geographic area,income,education,race etc. I would still be the train wreck I was a year ago. Was I called to go to India? No. Will I judge these people who were? No crosswind must be doing something right to have the devil come against them through cofusion and judging. Continuing to pray for the India team and the lives crosswind touches where ever they are.

Ronda Windham said...

My heart is broken that this discussion is even taken place. Mr. or Mrs. Anonmous, my name is Ronda Windham and I am the Outreach Director at Crosswind Ministries and I can assure you that Crosswind (Bobby Capps) did not turned his/its back on the people of our city to go to India. Bobby Capps does not make up Crosswind, Crosswind is made up of people from all over this community who desire to reach out to people in need...wherever that may be.

Since the Corinth Medical Team has been gone Crosswind volunteers, have encouraged and financial advised a man just out of prison, assisted a young woman with financial planning, assisted many who where unable to pay their utilities this month, fed 53 children lunch today and will feed 53 more on thursday, counceled a young mother on how to get free health care for her children, took a young woman to reading class, took a woman to the doctor and paid for her to be able to get health care, meet with the city planning committee to build a home for young women to live until they get back on their feet. Provided free blood pressures screenings for several in the neighborhood today, provided/providing pill boxes for individuals to help them make sure their meds are taken on time, handed out flyers for free backpacks, prayed with a women who just found out she has a life threatening disease, assisted and encouraged a young man in getting back in college, will have Bible Studies out in the community tonight at 2 different locations, will hand out Welcome to the Neighborhood Baskets to residents providing them with information on how to get free food, clothing, utility assistance, counseling, free health care,etc., will put on a mini vbs for children in low income housing tomorrow, we will share the love of Christ with anyone who comes our way all week long. So to say that Bobby Capps has turned his back on this community is an untruth, Crosswind has not missed one second of outreach opportunity since he pulled out of this parking lot at 7:30 am Saturday morning.

Since January 09 Crosswind's GRACIOUS VOLUNTEERS and DONORS that come from all over this community and surrounding areas have assisted (medically, financially, emotionally, spiritually) 441 people, given 1562 hours of community service and have given their offerings to be given away at the sum of $12434.24. Crosswind works along with all the nurses and doctors that went on this medical mission trip to provide free services to those in this community who cannot provide it on their. And if Crosswind can not provide it then we partener with the other GREAT assistance providers in this commmunity.

As for what will happen to the kids of India when this group of 21 medical professional leave...that too has all been planned out. Not only are 21 medical professionals from corinth be seeing the kids of India but they will be trading medical services with the physcians of India so that this kids may continue to be seen by a doctor when the Corinth team leaves. It would be my advice for you to get on and see what an awesome job Dr.Samuel and his team are doing to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If I come across as a little defensive it is because I am...I will always defend truth and the advancement of the Gospel at any cost and I will not sit around and let anyone speak untruths about this ministry or any other other ministry whose first and foremost passion is to share the Love of Christ with all.

If you would like to discuss this with me futher you can reach me at 662-287-5600. My door is always open.

The scripture that first came to my heart when I read this was "If God is for me than who can be against me."

Together in His witness,
Ronda Windham
Crosswind Ministry

Hank Barrett said...

Thanks to Ronda, Tony and others for deftly handling the “spiritual warfare” front. Nothing much to add there, but I do have a couple of comments.
First, Crosswind isn’t just Bobby, Ronda, this person or that person. We are a small, growing, vibrant arm of the body of Christ, who will do our humble best to do the Lord’s work whenever and wherever He calls us to serve. We are BLESSED to call this area home and have most of our calling here, but God sometimes needs us elsewhere IN ADDITION TO HERE.
Finally, both Crosswind and this mission trip remind me of a quote from the great anthropologist Margaret Mead, who once said something like, “Never doubt that a small, highly committed group of people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has!!!”
To God be all the Glory!!!

April said...

My heart and prayers are with you team!!!

Stacey Cornelius said...

My reflection of this day. Woke up this morning excited, looking for a blog. Looking to see how God is using the India team. I get online, watch the video, read Bobby's blog and than....What!!! I can't believe it, how can someone say that. They don't get it. These are people I care about how could they say such things. Emotions overflowing. Not for the good. The rest of the day at work I was upset, in disbelief, thinking what can I say. I have to say something. How can I put it nicely? After work driving to bible study I was still thinking about those comments. Knowing what Crosswind has shown me about God's love how could someone say that. They are delivering baskets to the community at Hickory Terrace. Did I help? No. Why? Because I was spent. I was tired. Tired of thinking all day, tired from the emotions I was experiencing. Maybe I am the only one that gets that way. So lets see, was I open to what God wanted me to do today? Was I able to see what God was putting in front of me to do? Did I bless someone by helping deliver baskets? Was I blessed by someone I delivered a basket too? Why was that? Because I spent all my day doing what the devil wanted me to do. I went by what I felt not what I know. Feeling hurt, confused, and just plain mad. But, I know God is bigger than all this, that God has it all under control. That God will use this team the way he fills fit. So tomorrow is a new day, and I know that what I learned today will make me stronger tomorrow. Thank you God for a new day.

Donald Vnson said...

Fear not: stand firm and see the salvaion of the Lord,which He will work for you today(Exodus14:13)
When you step out to do something big for God, the enemy will send challenges and distractions to knock you off course..But you will be amazed at what God will do in your life when you stand and face your challenges and hold on to the promises found in his word..God Bless and keep Bobby and all the others safe while they are in India and on their return home...All I can say about the comments that there are people who could of used the medical treatment here in Alcorn County, there is free or fees based on your income medical care available to people here in Alcorn County..The people who complain need to find out the facts before you trash Bobby Capps and Crosswind...Some of you know me, some of you have heard my life story from Bobby....I can tell you medical care is there, it takes you to get out and find it and I can say Bobby Capps has worked hard to find medical and prescriptions assistance for those who need it. I know this from personal experience. There's 2 men that I thank the Lord for everyday of my life, they are Bobby Capps and Tommy Wilson, I consider them brothers that I never had but mainly because on Nov. 13, 2008 while I was in the hospital closer to death than ever before a man who I hardly knew Bobby Capps and a man I never had met, Tommy Wilson came to my room to check on me and to let me know that they cared about me and loved me. But also that someone else loved and cared for me. So on this day I came back to the Lord..So I guess what I'm trying to say is that Bobby Capps has not forsaken anyone in Alcorn County and when he returns he'll go right back to doing for others as always..As far as Crosswind, Idon't know everyone but the many I do know I consider to be my adoptive family..I for one apperciate all that Bobby, Ronda and all the Crosswind volunteers do and I pray eveyday that they will keep caring for the people in the community..

Donald Vinson said...

I just wanted to let everyone know I do know how to spell my last name, this keyboard of mine sometimes adds or deletes letters..But I did make the comment on July 21 at 11:29PM..

Pat Tucker said...

I was unable to get online last night and respond due to internet problems. It is probably a very good thing! As Bobby Roach noted, we need to be aware of the "quick tongue".
I have read and agree with all the above posts relating to 'Anonymous'. Obviously, you are still following this post, as I see more responses from you.
Please don't take my comments as mean, insensitive or accusatory. They are simply meant to be blunt. You did not pull any punches with your statements, so I will not either.
I will not reiterate what has already been said multiple times. I will say this...
1) The Holy Spirit does not drive those under His control to speak from the shadows. It is only the devil (and those motivated by him) that work in and speak from the shadows.
2) Crosswind is not Bobby Capps. Crosswind is not even the group that started it and remains at its core. Crosswind is the visible hand and heart of God reaching out to the hurting. IF you are a Christian, you should be part of that work. Don't stand back in the shadows and be the accuser. It is YOUR job to get out and help the homeless, hungry, hurting....NOT the job of others that you name in a word--"Crosswind". IF you are a Christian and pointing the finger at others that you assume aren't doing 'their' job, you are really being the accuser of yourself. You are not being lead by the Holy Spirit to be the accuser of the brethren.
3) The India medical team are all the CALLED OF GOD. They are there THROUGH the direction and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pardon the poor grammar, but read the following double negative closely and understand it's distinct meaning. "They could not not go". I have been in the same position many times. When the Lord calls, you must go. They are only following orders from the Lord. They have ears to hear. If you have a problem with the ORDERS, you need to take it up with the ONE giving those orders---GOD. You can reach Him on His direct line. Getting on your knees will get you there. If you stay there long enough and listen hard enough, you will get all your questions answered--much better than anyone on this blog could.

I will be praying for your revelation and guidance from the Lord.

In His service,
Pat Tucker

Amanda Bone said...

Feeling the need to comment, I would like to say "God Bless" all the people who traveled to India to battle the heat, endure the discomfort and quite possibly hunger to reach unfortuanate children in India. I pray that you all have a safe return and may God give grace to the willing families who gave up their much needed mothers and fathers for a week. As a small part of the orginization of the trip, I say that I do not regret the long hours or one ounce of frustration that was involved. Thank you for reaching out to the needful.

Anonymous said...

My name is Heather Moore, and i am relatively new to this community. i will have to admit, i am usually one that stays pretty quiet when it comes to the classic case of "politics and religion" and the discussion of such. i believe everyone has a right to embrace their own opinion and own views in relation to topics. that being said, as i read some of the "anonymous" comments, i felt a pit in my stomach and compelled to react, and react as positively as i can. since i have moved here, i have seen some pretty wonderful things. though growing up in a Christian home, i in my adult life had seen so many people acting out of pure judgement and hatefulness "in Jesus' name" that i had turned my back on "church" because of it. when i moved here, it was not only my sister, Erica, but Leah McQueen and Rhonda (both of Crosswinds) that didn't know me, didn't judge me, didn't care about anything else but showing love to me....these were three key people that really opened my eyes to see what Christianity is really about, and in opening my eyes, seeing many people in this community that truly embody what made me draw nearer in my own walk with God. I think what made me most hurt in a few of the comments above, is that it seems people are focusing energy in the wrong places and out of judgement calling for others to act against and in protest toward the individuals that are in India and the organization that put it all together. that being said, i will take the advice of "anonymous" and "let Bobby and the group who went know what i think" goes:

i am proud of you. i am proud that people would sacrifice their time, their safety, their own well being and comfort to go to India because they were following God's lead and tug at their heart. i am proud to see those left here in Alcorn county still serving and still giving of their energy and love to others. God's work is never done, and what a lovely experience for those that were fortunate enough to be able to go on this trip to India to be able to reach outside of our community and bless others with what they have been blessed with. i have a sister and a neice currently on this trip and there are plenty of times over the last few days that i have worried for their safety, have known what they are giving up to go, and not once have i seen or heard them doing any of this for their own glory or "stars" as some may call it....they have made this investment of their time, heart and money so they could reach to those in need. they have followed God's direction, and i find tears in my eyes in appreciation for not only what they are doing, but what others that i don't know personally are doing here in Corinth and in India. the only thing i could possibly wish in addition is that i would have made the decision to go with them. what a wonderful sight to see the eyes of a child, their smile that may not have ever graced their face, the love that i know is surrounding all involved....and more than anything, i pray that in the name of God, hearts our touched....including those here in Alcorn county. to the team overseas, and the individuals that were instrumental in planning this event, i thank you.

Carol J. Hutcheson said...

I have to say that I am so deeply heartbroken at how some people in our community perceive
acts of kindness and love. I can look around Corinth and see alot of people that receive federal assistance that CHEAT the system. I also see plenty of people whom get assistance to help pay their utilities and they are able bodied people that CAN work. These children in India cannot ever get help from their own people, much less their government. These children cannot work and support themselves. There is no food stamps and Medicaid, which people in this town sure have become dependent upon. So now let me ask you, if our American children were in the same situation...would you want another country,or better yet "People of God", to turn their backs and help themselves? I for one am proud of all those who are in India doing what is right in His name. I know that many positive things will come from this trip and that many more people will have their eyes opened to doing what God has called them to do. God Bless...

Julianne Capps said...

ive read so many comments this afternoon im very overwhelmed!! im still growing in my faith and have been kept in this wonderful bubble where everywhere i looked people loved jesus and showed his mercy daily and now reading a few negative comments about a wonderful ministry that has done nothing but love and help this community its hurts my heart to think people are questioning that! i know this world isn't perfect and that the devil is always trying to pull people away from jesus everyday but that doesnt mean you have to let glad ive been lucky enough to have a strong foundation like crosswind and i know my daddy was so very greatful when he found crosswind and they adopted him into there wonderful core group of belivers, i give thanks everyday for that! my daddy loves and cares about everyone in this small town. i'm praying jesus will pull on your heart strings and bring you closer him when you doubt the missios he sends his people on...i tyhank all the people standing up for jesus and his ministries and the people getting personally attacked for doing what he called them to do! im glad to know that i'm never alone with jesus chirst and his strong christian family..being only 16 i have a hard time remembering that! but today i was definitley reminded! god is great! just like all of you! i love you all..praying for my daddy and everyone else in india! keep doing the awesome work!!!

Tim Parker said...

I can't believe what I am reading! If you are dissastisifed with what Crosswind is doing in the community, get off your butt and try to do it better, otherwise don't come on to an internet forum where you are too afraid to even publish your name. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I have never been one to mince words.

Anonymous said...

Woe to you when all men speak well of you for so their fathers did to the false prophets. Luke 6:12 Thank you Anonymous
Anonymous from India

Vicki Roach said...

Matthew 28:19-20 (Referred to as the Great Commission)
"Go ye therefore, and teach ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

Brandy Lawrence said...

My dad was on this trip an sometimes we have to step outside our own comfort zone or community. None of this was for show or stars as some people wanna call it. Bobby Capps I love u an everyone else that went on this trip. All the work that u an these others have done will be well worth it an hearts changed because you people took time out of ur life to help someone else. It's not about getting stars an show as some say, it's about doing what we were called to do! God bless! Love u guys an appreciate what yall have done.

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