Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank you for giving to the Lord... lives were changed

The medical team just returned from India.

They saw 500+ children and many adults, taught Bible studies, gave devotionals, gave glasses, treated teeth and bodies, performed surgeries and so much more.

As an additional treat, our medical staff got to meet with peers from India. 15 doctors from the town shared lunch and learned from each other about stuff that is 'greek' to us civilians.

As citizens of Corinth and especially the church in Corinth, you can be proud of the Corinth Medical Missions trip to India, your city and the spirit of love and care that they took abroad.

Let me list for you our team:

*Dr. Mike Weeden, opthamologist with son Blake

Assistants - Jessica and husband Steven

*Dr. Bubba McQueen, Dentist

Hygientists - Dianna and Paula

assistants - Jeremy, Bobby, April, Adam

prep - Amanda

*Dr. Erica Noyes, Family Practice

RN- Anna and RT - Donnie

assist - Judy, Abby

*Dr. Mat Johnson, general surgeon

RN - Bonnie

*Dr. Patrick Hsu, Ob/Gyn

First year med student - Lauren

third year nursing student – Brittany (from Phoenix)

*Dr. Patrick Tucker - GP, our trip advisor and medicines 'hook-up'

Audie Osborn - videographer (Delta pilot by day)

Tony Childs - Trip Coordinator

Here's some of the churches and organizations they are affiliated with: Tate BC, First BC, Crosswind, East Corinth BC, Springhill UMC, West Corinth BC, First Pres, Calvary BC and others. (I’m doing this all from memory at 5:30 am, hence few last names etc.)

I’m gonna blog about a few special personal ah-ha’s from the trip later but this was one is just to say -

Thank you! – you outdid yourselves in every way.

Your attitudes, your hard work, your patience, your adaptability, your palatable compassion for each other and for the children. We talk about “love in action”, you guys took that to another level.

Jesus said, "When you've done it to the least of these my brethren you've done it unto me." Thank you for your ministry to the one who saved you and keeps you. His name be praised.

You are loved.


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Donald Vinson said...

Praise the Lord!! Everyone made it home safe. I understand a few come home with a bug and have been feeling poorly..Hopefully they will recover quickly, our prayers are with you. I got to talk Bobby for a few minutes this morning, it's the first time since the Tuesday before he left to go to India.. He was at the office said he was feeling poorly. I got on to him about being there and not at home in the bed. But in the true Bobby Capps fashion he said " I couldn't stay home, I had people and things to check on. He told me that he couldn't take time out to be sick that there were people in the community that were in need. That's Bobby Capps..But I'm glad everyone is back and we do apperciate the job you all did in India. I also want to give praise to Ronda for her hard work last week keeping everthing going at Crosswind and keeping us informed on what was going on in India...Once again everyone that was in India welcome home and God Bless..

brandy lawrence said...

bobby,,, you don't have donnie listed he in the picture but not listed hehe

Anonymous said...

nevermind i see it now i guess i scrolled down to fast haha sorry

Jessica Eaton said...

Great looking team if I do say so myself! Had a great time with all of you. Talk to you soon!

Erica Noyes said...

On the third day, exaughsted and overwhelmed, looking down the hall at a sea full of beautiful faces--- yet to be treated. Running low on medicines. Running lower on energy. Hot. Nauseated. Then it hits....desperation, questions, doubts, despair. Am I doing any good at all here?
Child after child with the same symptoms....stomach pain, diarreah, fatigue, boils, scabies. We treat it, next child. Moving on. What am I doing? Will they not just drink the water again and be back in the same condition next week? Will they catch the staph and scabies again? What is my purpose here? I am defeated.
Same day, we open the box of round sugary treats for the kids made out of some corn like product and shaped like balls. We have taken up a collection to give them this special treat that they rarely get on their one meal a day regimen. As we open the box...ants flood out, they have covered their treats. Horrified, I ask for a clean box and start one by one removing the ants from each ball....moving them to another box. Someone teases me, “you know the ants are just going to move to the next box!” Again the feeling of defeat returns. Why do I even bother?
So here is my question...Why do any of us “bother” when things we do seem to have no lasting purpose. Why do we clean a house that will get messy again, why do we change our children’s diapers when they will mess them again, why do we treat our own children’s illness when they will get sick again? Why do we try to tell others of Jesus who slam a door in our face?
I believe it was Jesus who said “who among you when your child asks for bread would give him a stone.”
Why bother? Because as Christians we cannot do otherwise. Yes, sometimes our work may seem futile but we know that “all things work together for the good to those that love God and are called according to his purposes.” If called to give, we must do so even if we do not see the purpose in it. Trusting that--- we keep trying, though we may never know why, or of what good comes from our labors. We are compelled to keep trying.
Thankfully God did impart to me some understanding. Those children we loved on and tried to patch up are our brothers and sisters in Christ. They are God’s children and we are called to demonstrate His love, thereby making Him more real to them. They understand that someone cares enough to try to make their life better, even if just for awhile... in His name.
For that short time, we can be Jesus to them, so that later they can be Jesus for someone else. They are the future. They are worth the investment. We cared for them as we would our own. Would we neglect our own childrens’ illness, or hand them food covered in bugs if we could otherwise not?
So what if the ants come back. And yes, unfortunately the cavities and the illness too. At least , they know that somebody in the name of Christ loved them the enough to try. And that makes it all worth it. We must never be defeated.

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