Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Superstars have bad days too

Had a great group in the neighborhood tonite.

Gal there that defines brokenness and the destructive capacity of sin on someone's life. Some her's, some done to her by others.

She also is a beautiful trophy of grace and a witness to the restoring power of God. She has told her story in ministries in town, has mentored, loved and cared for fellow strugglers...

but tonite our hero was down.

Just struggling. Nothing big, just a setback here and there... and all the fears of the past creep back in. Am I gonna make it? Will I slip even farther? Have I let people down? Shame, regret...

Listen my friend...

The God who began a good work in you is faithful,
He will complete it!

And even though you stumble and fall, and fall, and fall, he will hold you up with His right hand.

Lift up your head, straighten your shoulders, the one who saved you will keep you...

Even if you stumble.


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